About Bob van der Winden

SEE ALSO: www.bwsupport.nl and www.evaluation-5.net

For over 30 years I’m working in International Cooperation: first as a (photo-) journalist, then as a programme manager and director in a Dutch NGO, now as independent ‘supporter’ of International Cooperation organisations, mainly in Africa and Latin America.

My two ‘hobbies’ in International Cooperation are evaluation and media, better said the Public Sphere. Evaluation is a more practical hobby: if you like it, you’d better do it good is my device… The Public sphere because I’m convinced that we need African (or Latin American) people to hold their own governments (and global governance) accountable, otherwise we will never get out of the stalemate we’re in for decades now….

I have a broad academic background including writing my thesis (‘Don’t beat a drum with an axe’, hence the title of this blog) on Evaluation. I published several articles and books on Nicaragua, Angola, Evaluation and Development Cooperation in general (see: www.bwsupport.nl). Over the last years  I mainly led evaluations and facilitated  (mainly African, Latin American and Dutch) organisations (as well as government institutes) in improving their own ‘quality feedback’ (monitoring in a broad sense). I facilitated training events in Angola, Senegal, South Africa and the Netherlands in monitoring and evaluation issues.

This blog will contain some observations regarding both my hobbies: I followed developments in theory and practice of both subject over the last decade and now I think I can share some of the things I start seeing. The blogs on evaluation are co-published on evaluation5.wordpress.com and are used on our own site as well: http://www.evaluation-5.net.

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