Crowd-sourcing by Twitterati at 1%event

Margreet van der Pijl of the 1% club wrote in her blog Quality improvement through Crowd involvement how the 1% club is looking for new ways of evaluation. Gisela Dütting ( and I took up the challenge and decided to start with the 1% event last friday, 17 September. We counted on the many ‘twitterati’ in the crowd and started formulating questions to be asked during the day.

Indeed among the 300 participants there were 110 individual twitterati who produced 900 tweets all together…

We asked general questions with the hashtag #1pce and #twevaluation: that did not work – no answers…

We also directed questions to people who had for instance indicated that they liked a specific presentation or open space workshop (e.g. ‘what did you like specifically’): all together during the day: 4 answers (as many as we got on one general question, more or less a ‘control’ question about the quality of the lunch…).

Our conclusions:

The 900 tweets could after the event be retrieved and analyzed – there were 96 tweets that contained enough content to make analysis possible. The fact that 900 tweets were produced on 1 event (which made the event the 5th largest event on Twitter in Holland that day) is in itself significant for instance.

But also the emphasis on the good feeling during the meeting and the enormous amount of positive energy during the day speaks to the imagination.

Tiina Urms presentation on cleaning up the WHOLE of Estonia in one day ( was by far the most popular presentation for the twitterati.

But twitter as a tool? We really need to improve it for next time – if it is at all possible to use it for monitoring of an event…. (‘instant crowd sourcing’)?

Gisela Dütting and Bob van der Winden

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